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When did we stop playing?

Summertime, the afternoons were endless. Time was such a distant concept, so irrelevant. What mattered were games, friends, playing with the super cool “Super Santos” play ball - the best play ball in the market. Oh my God, it was so expensive!!!!!

We used to play the whole time, we always had someone to join us. We could play with the rope, play: "one...two...three stars!!!!” doing handstands and cartwheels; hide-and-seek, playing catch and hopscotch with chalks in the backyard. It was literally amazing!!!!

Every day there was a new entry in the group...

When did all this end?

Where did the lightness and playfulness go?

Where is the ability to get excited, animated, to laugh about something by yourself or with people? Where is the ability to imagine, picture the unreal, to believe in dreams up to the point that giving up is not allowed, but the only option is to believe in them even stronger...

Dreams have the power to make you see water in the desert, or to fly just thanks to a special t-shirt!

Where is trust? Where? It is safely hidden somewhere, it cannot be lost if we spent at least 10 years of our life believing in dreams, believing in our ability to imagine… we can find it again! We can get it back, back to playing, smiling, and laughing until the cheekbones hurt..... And, do you know what? Today it would be even more fun, because it would be a conscious choice: taking time for oneself, taking care of oneself, how?

Let’s have a 10 minutes vacation, just fly away, even for free, better than with low cost flights, and reach the place. This is literally the moment when our mind is not overthinking, when we have the permission to dream, the place where everything is possible, where we can imagine to be a policewoman, a doctor, a baker, and a rock star, all together.. Why not?

Let´s do a pillow fight, tell stories, eat too much chocolate, run faster than the light, chase each other, and play at arm-wrestling. Let's be open to new opportunities, take risks, get skinned knees, wear cute outfits and improvise a catwalk. In adulthood, we should allow ourselves to go back to childhood. We do not need to look at the time: this is the time of playing, and playing heals.

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